Human Animal Bond
Human Animal Bond
Vision Statement


The mission is to conduct research, education and training in the area of the human -animal bond with the outcome of benefiting the human and animal conditions.


The long term goals of The Human-Animal Bond, Inc. are: to establish a model, all-inclusive, animal assisted-living community with special emphasis on elders, adolescents previously in foster care, and individuals with disabilities; to train service animals for placement with residents of Appalachia; to conduct research evaluating the health and social benefits of animal companionship and assistance; and to provide education and training to encourage and facilitate the incorporation of new practices in medical and social models that improve the quality of life of humans and animals. Based on need, WV is an ideal location for the initiation of such a project. WV has the oldest population of any state (30% are 65 or older), ranks among the highest in the percentage of residents with disabilities (24.5%) and obesity (>30%), and 24.3% of its children live in poverty. WV’s rural location enhances isolation and limits accessibility to supportive home and community based care.

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With the modernization of the U.S. society, the concept of the extended family and close community and all of the related benefits such as, supportive care, nurturing, companionship, and development of a sense of responsibility are disappearing. This coupled with the costs of long term care and general health care in today’s society makes it important that systems and communities promote self-efficacy and cost efficiency in healthcare allowing individuals to be supported and remain productive in communities of their choosing.

Ridgeway Farms is dedicated to agricultural education, community service, and research targeting adolescent wellness. A 35-acre farm within the Morgantown Community housing several different species of animals, community gardens and educational modules provide the foundation for the program. 





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